Elite Mentorship Program

See what others are saying about Gavyn:


“A very profound person, very dynamic, very wise. He has the gift of being able to give the other person space to truly observe things that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to sense otherwise.”

“I then met Gavyn, he raised an awareness in me to train the muscles in my mind to not attach to that low vibrational “I can’t do it” mentality.”

“He was really positive throughout the whole experience and very compassionate.That helped me feel really comfortable from the get go.”

“I can honestly say, that he’s been genuine and open with me.We talked about, being in a state of flow, being committed and being compassionate for life. I really do appreciate him taking the time to talk with me.”

“Being a business owner you have to have a certain amount of drive. He’s been helping a lot getting my mindset back to being in the moment. I don’t think you can have a more positive person.”

“When ever I was in doubt about moving forward with certain things in my business. He took the time to get to know me and get to know my business.He guided me down a path I thought was a dead end and ended up being my destiny.”

“He became a big mentor in my life and really helped me understand the facets of my life I could optimize to become a better version of myself. Im getting married in 2024 and really thank Gavyn for helping me become the man I am today. Anyone who has the chance to work with Gavyn will not regret it.”

“He is the type of person, that when you surround yourself with him you start to believe in yourself more. He’s helped me with a lot of things, from managing my time, to managing my finances, to helping me with my online fitness business.”

“Discovering Gavyn’s youtube channel was a turning point for me. His insights and observational skills are exceptional, leading me to engage in personal sessions with him. The sessions have been life changing, offering practical techniques that have greatly improved my everyday life.”

What is the purpose of a mentor?

A Mentor is to be used to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Truth is you truly do have what it takes to really create that life you want. But somewhere along the line most people fall victim to the belief systems of those around them or of society, which lead to chronic depression and resentment toward those closest to them. Instead creating boundaries, independence and adopting values to really serve those around them with a state of presence and build a life on their terms, where fears and lies do not control them. Let me guide you toward optimization and building a foundation in your life to go all in on your desired end goal.

What will you gain working with Elite Evolution?

A mentor is not a traditional friend who is afraid to give you objective direct advice in fear of hurting your feelings or ruining a friendship. That is why it pays to have a mentor.Guiding you on a similar path toward self discovery and abundance. At Elite Evolution my mission is to create a safe space where we can tear back the lies and get to the root of knowing that our imperfections and insecurities are our greatest assets in the marketplace.

What do we specialize in/how can we serve you?

*Helping you recognize your self worth and become your best self by practicing acceptance, gaining independence and living according to a specific value system.

*Helping you create positive relationships with those around you and attract like minded individuals.

*Helping you go from in debt and trapped to debt free and thriving by following a set of principles to create freedom in your life and ultimately make decisions that will create lasting abundance in your life.

*Helping you rid mental and physical chains that stem from fear to start living in a state of presence and abundance to in turn start aligning with who you want to become by assisting you in becoming aware of why you are living in a state of fear and providing a road map as to how to face your current challenges that are creating the continuous cycle of fear.

*Helping you leverage your 9-5 and your current situation to propel yourself into the optimal spot to build a business or buy real estate.

Helping you during the hardest part of the net worth journey: going from a negative net worth to building a 6 figure net worth($100,000) by sharing the most important aspects of the journey and giving you a direct road map.

Who is this program for?